Programming MINER

This chapter describes how to program experiments with MINER, in other words, how to write applications on top of MINER. The description is based on the Java version of the MINER Clientlib.

A MINER application typically comprises the following steps:

Before we can run our newly developed application we have to configure the clientlib with the address of the MINER webserve endpoint. The default value is http://localhost:8000/ . Of course, this setting only works if the Server runs on the same host as the developed application or if this port is forwarded to the Server in some other way (e.g. through an ssh tunnel has been setup in advance). Otherwise, the location can be specified by the Java System property As usual, the property can be set at application startup via

java ...

or within the application by calling

System.setProperty("", "http://myserver:1234");