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Automated experimentation

This is another class of use cases that exploits the power of the MINER programming interface (API). In this case, MINER is driven by another software component that automatically creates, runs, and stops MINER scenarios and evaluates the results.

Reference project

MINER was successfully used in such a context within the EU FP6 ICT project NETQOS that was concerned with automated, policy-driven network management.

In the NETQOS system a policy repository contains the set a policies that drive the operation of the network under control.  A subset of these policies relate to performance indicators. As an example, a high-level policy could state that on all paths through the domain the packet loss must be smaller than X%.  If such a policy becomes active, the corresponding measurement activities are automatically derived by a NETQOS component called MoMe Manager.  The MoMe Manager thereby maps a  MoMe related policy to a MINER Scenario. It then submits the Scenario to the MINER server and starts the execution.

The Scenario definition contains the Conditions from the policy (packet loss < X%).  They are evaluated in real-time on the ToolProxies and all violations are reported to the proper NETQOS component.

The MoMe Manager keeps the active MINER measurements in sync with the policy repository.  If a policy becomes inactive, the corresponding MINER execution is stopped.

To summarize, MINER was used to build an automated, policy-based SLA validation platform.