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System tests triggered by Continuous Integration

MINER can very well be used to perform system tests of distributed systems, applications,  protocols, etc. Therefore MINER can be a valuable tool in support of the general software development process and/or quality assurance activities.

The automated activation of MINER experiments from a Continuous Integration system can be particularly useful.  As an example, a Continuous Integration system could trigger the following actions upon the commit to a specific branch of the source code repository:

  • compile the sources, run unit tests and create build artifacts
  • install the software in the testbed
  • run the set of MINER experiments that perform functional system tests
  • optionally: if the functional tests are successful, run another set of MINER experiments dedicated to system performance evaluation.
  • create a report

Reference project

  • Using MINER for testing the distributed system MINER ;).  The experiments are triggered from the Jenkins CI system.