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General performance evaluation

Questions of interest:

  • What are the performance characteristics of the system under test?
  • How does the system behave under normal operating conditions?
  • What are the performance limits?
  • What conditions are necessary for good system performance?
  • How does the performance degrade in the presence of errors?


Performance evaluation of a networking device.

Results of interest:
  • packet forwarding perform ance
  • correctness of packet filters
  • accuracy of traffic shaping
  • response time for SNMP queries
The performance evaluation consists of all 72 experiments that result from the combination of:
  • 4 device configurations (A / B / C / D)
  • 3 types of traffic loads (low / medium / high)
  • 3 types of packet sizes (small / medium / large packets)
  • 2 sets of SNMP queries (Q1 / Q2)
The whole study is repeated with each new firmware version.

Reference project

  • Performance evaluation of the Transport Protocol ETP in various compositions and under various delay/loss conditions.